Who’s writing this? 

Hi, I’m Jessica Price.

What is it?

This is a recap of my homebrew Pathfinder RPG campaign, which I ran for a group of friends. It’s set in the Pathfinder campaign setting, Golarion. You can learn more about Golarion by visiting the Pathfinder Wiki, or picking up some of the books in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting line.

Probably about a third of the dialogue is from the actual game. All the funny lines are from my players. 🙂

It has typos.

Undoubtedly. It’s not edited. This is a blog I do in my free time.

I heard you work for Paizo. Is this canon?

Nope. I kept it as close to canon as I could at the time, but I started running this campaign about in 2012. We publish 10 campaign setting books a year, which means 640 new pages of content every year on our world. A lot of stuff that was only sketched in back then, that I filled in myself, has been filled in officially since then, and a lot of it is different from how I extrapolated it at the time.

The prologue is based on the Crypt of the Everflame module, and other than only being partial, it doesn’t really modify it. That’s the closest you’ll get to canon material.

When will it be done?

No idea. No guarantee that it will be. My home game died out when work got too busy, so I may finish this story, or I may not.